USA: LNG Project Nublu Energy Opens LNG Liquefaction Facility

Editor: Alexander Stark

Nublu Energy announced the opening of their Port Allen LNG Liquefaction facility for commercial production. The 945 tons per day facility can be expanded to reach a capacity of up to 2,834 tons per day. The plant is equipped with scales, load out and 3,149 tons of permanent storage.

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NuBlu Energy Port Allen Liquefaction Facility
NuBlu Energy Port Allen Liquefaction Facility
(Source: Business Wire)

Port Allen/USA — The modularity and scalability of this LNG system enables the customer to scale production in line with demand and spread out the capital expenditures. The Port Allen facility is strategically located along the Mississippi utilizing high and low-pressure pipelines producing a gallon of LNG at efficiencies competitive with small/medium-scale facilities, the company announced.

For this project the company designed, engineered, and delivered a complete solution. According to the supplier, the patented technology takes full advantage of energies found on the pipeline validating that micro/small-scale LNG systems could be efficient. The plant is producing 1.17 tons of LNG per compression horsepower required at the Port Allen facility. This is a substantial efficiency advantage over other traditional plants, the company claims. In addition, the company is producing cold LNG at 5 psi and -122 °C, which according to Cory Duck, Vice President, Corporate Growth & Development, Nublu Energy, was a a significant advantage over other micro-scale LNG technologies currently on the market.

The plant lays the foundation for efficient LNG production on a modular level preserving the efficiencies recognized by larger production facilities, said Josh Payne, Vice President, Business Development, Nublu Energy. Each major piece of equipment is a modular, skid-mounted design making the plant easily deployable in remote regions or areas not typically suited for these types of projects. This also eliminates the need to build extensive pipeline infrastructure as the solution is designed to bring the LNG production to the customer.