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Quick couplings No More Wrong Connections: There Is a Right Coupling and Disconnect for Every Application

Author / Editor: Dominik Stephan* / Dominik Stephan |

Quick couplings ensure clean and safe medium transport – Whether it is material transfer in the production plant, filling in containers or the loading and unloading of tank cars - quick couplings are the interfaces of liquid transport processes. But what is important when configuring or selecting such coupling solutions? From mono couplings to clean-break technology, specialists offer the right connection for each process - and incidentally “connect” the inconspicuous hose with IIoT-networks.n.

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OPW rethinks clean-break coupling.
OPW rethinks clean-break coupling.
(Bild: OPW)

Hot or cold, under pressure or sterile conditions: Couplings provide the connection wherever media flow through hoses. Be it as a mono coupling, as a multi-module or a clean-break coupling with minimal dead room, they enable a secure connection and replacement of containers and systems. In any case, the right for is determined by the support media and conditions.

Duty of care is always paramount here - as, just for example, in the United States, more than 80 % of accidents with hazardous substances occur during filling or transferring. 24 % of these incidents can be traced back to equipment failure. And although the highest quality is required of hoses and pipes, care must be taken that the coupling is not pushed to breaking point.