Pumps New Turbomolecular Pump Sizes for R&D and Industrial Applications

Editor: Ahlam Rais

Leybold has recently expanded its Turbovac i/ix series - 90, 250, 350 and 450 - by the sizes 850 i/ix and 950 i/ix to six models. The two new turbomolecular pump variants are characterised by extended, trouble-free operation, longer system life and lower operating costs.

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The integration of the new 850 i/ix and 950 i/ix models will lead to a significant reduction in the number of pumps and also in the total life cycle costs.
The integration of the new 850 i/ix and 950 i/ix models will lead to a significant reduction in the number of pumps and also in the total life cycle costs.
(Source: Leybold)

The two pump variants are used in many applications from research and development and analytics to industrial, in other words, especially where a clean and stable high and ultrahigh vacuum is required – such as in coating, heat treatment, analysis, thin-film research and helium recovery, states the firm.

Significantly Higher Productivity

The new members of the Turbovac i/ix family provide significantly improved vacuum performance in a wide range of applications especially due to the expansion of the family in the direction of higher pumping speeds and compression values, lower service costs and simple, intuitive operation. In some applications, the integration of the new 850 i/ix and 950

i/ix models will even lead to a significant reduction in the number of pumps and thus in the total life cycle costs, adds the company.

Mountable in any Orientation

These options are also useful for another reason: Each vacuum application has different installation conditions. This requires flexible installation directions, for example when there is little space for vacuum pumps, as is the case when integrating them into compact, industrial pumping system solutions. According to the firm, here too, the series, with its various models and variants in terms of pumping speeds or compression ratios, is one of the most flexible systems in the market for high-vacuum products and can be mounted in any orientation.

Specialist Book „Heat Transfer Technique“The comprehensive standard work „Heat Transfer Technique“ offers not only a detailed and well-founded presentation of the basics of heat transfer technique, but also shows the latest state of the art and the latest regulations in the use of organic fluids. Thematically, the book is rounded off with an overview of property data of organic heat transfer fluids as well as many use cases from practical experience.

Flexible Integrated Drive Electronics

Especially in order to promote sales in the industrial and coating market, Ethernet IP, Ether Cat and Profinet Anybus options are now added to the existing Profibus, RS232 and RS485 communication modules. They are all available as IP54 versions. The Ethernet IP, Ether Cat and Profinet modules have an integrated web server.

Turbo.Control i

The entire series can be controlled and monitored via the Turbo.Control i. The advantage of the controller is that it is equally suitable for integration in high-vacuum applications and compact system solutions, mentions the company. Its application is uncomplicated: It can be operated intuitively via the display and front keys or via a web server interface. The web server allows all pump parameters to be easily monitored and set via a PC or mobile device.

Cost Effective Maintenance with very Long Intervals

Last but not least, the maintenance-free and oil-free hybrid bearing concept ensures greater reliability and a longer service life: On the high-vacuum side, the rotor of the turbomolecular pump is guided in a wear-free magnetic bearing, while a ceramic ball bearing lubricated for life is integrated on the backing side, which users can replace themselves on site if necessary.

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