Pump Lower New Pump Lower Pumps More at Lower Speeds

Editor: Ahlam Rais

Graco has launched the Sealed 4-Ball Plus Lower. Competitive analysis shows that the new high-capacity circulation pump lower has the industry’s highest fluid delivery at the lowest cycle rates.

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Graco's new Sealed 4-Ball Plus Lower can be used to power electric, hydraulic or pneumatic pumps.
Graco's new Sealed 4-Ball Plus Lower can be used to power electric, hydraulic or pneumatic pumps.
(Source: Graco)

“Pumping at lower speeds means less wear and tear on pumps and more maintenance-free operation of factory paint circulation systems,” said Blake Erickson, Graco Product Marketing Manager for the Industrial Products Division.

Available in 2500 cc, 3000 cc and 4000 cc displacements, the new pump lower fits with existing or new electric, hydraulic and pneumatic pump assemblies by Graco. “Two 2500 cc lowers can be installed together in an electric E-Flo DC pump to make a 5000 cc system that can put out up to 26 gallons of material per minute,” explained Erickson.

The new pump lowers exceeded expectations at field test sites, which included high-volume production facilities. “The new pump is awesome,” concluded the maintenance manager of one factory. “No throat seal liquid (TSL) is needed. There are no packings to torque. It is truly routine maintenance-free.”

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The pump lower’s unique design builds on the success of Graco’s mid-range Sealed 4-Ball Lower, released in 2016. Both models have long maintenance cycles and do not require TSL. Common components make them easy to maintain and reduce inventory levels on repair parts, states the firm. “In everything we do, we strive for a long service life and long-term durability,” said Erickson.