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Shimadzu will be participating at the analytica trade show which is expected to be held in Munich, Germany. The company’s motto for the fair is ‘Faster. Higher. Further.’ and it plans to showcase numerous new products as well as comprehensive solutions and services for the industry.

The runner as the central image motif of Shimadzu's trade show appearance symbolizes the company’s trade fair motto ‘Faster. Higher. Further.’
The runner as the central image motif of Shimadzu's trade show appearance symbolizes the company’s trade fair motto ‘Faster. Higher. Further.’
(Source: Shimadzu)

Shimadzu presents its variety of solutions from chromatography, spectroscopy, spectrometry, TOC, material testing to system software at analytica in Munich, Germany. Along with the trend-setting systems and dedicated instruments, some European premieres are also presented. The company will showcase how high-precision instrumentation and intuitive software optimally support applications in industries and science.

The firm’s trade show motto 'Faster. Higher. Further.' not only stands for performance as an end in itself, but also for how it benefits customers. Translated into applications, this means 'top performance creates clarity,' in both routine and high-end applications. In the first case, it's about raising consistent reliability to a steadily higher level; in the second, it's about driving knowledge and safety further - from environmental protection, through clinical applications, to quality control, explains the company.

Innovations can be expected from GC, TOC, Maldi and UHPLC. In addition, award-winning solutions will be on display, such as the Maldimini-1 and UV-1900i, which, along with other systems, have won leading design awards for their user-friendly, ergonomic and efficient features.

Analytical Intelligence enables the systems to automatically detect and resolve problems, making it easy to check instrument status, optimize resource allocation and achieve higher throughput. This includes automated support functions that leverage digital technologies such as M2M, IOT and artificial intelligence (AI), self-diagnostic capabilities and the acquisition of high-quality, reproducible data regardless of operator skill. Analytical Intelligence makes lab management easy and enables higher productivity, maximum reliability and better connectivity, states the company.


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