Pharmaceutical Research Centre New Pharmaceutical Process Research Centre in South Korea

Editor: Dominik Stephan

South Korea’s Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) starts a new Pharmaceutical Process Research Centre with a little help from GEA Pharma Systems: The new centre will provide academic and commercial research facilities for under graduate, post graduate, post doctorate students and the wider pharmaceutical industry in South Korea.

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Photo: (left to right) Professor Eun-Seok Park; Professor Hyuck Chung; Frans K.A. Maas; and Dilwyn D. Patterson.
Photo: (left to right) Professor Eun-Seok Park; Professor Hyuck Chung; Frans K.A. Maas; and Dilwyn D. Patterson.
(Picture: Picasa/GEA)

Seoul/South Korea – Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) is one of Asia’s oldest universities, founded in 1398. It has gained a reputation for nurturing global leaders and as a driver in the global technology revolution. SKKU is located in the centre of the Gyeonggi province with 40% of the South Korean pharmaceutical industry within a 100 km radius. The PPRC project has established a processing research centre to service and support the Korean pharmaceutical industry. It focuses on product research and development, process support, trials and training. Research conducted at the centre will include tablet formulation, particle coating and sustained release delivery products.

The new center, called GEA-SKKU, was opened in December 2013 by Professor Hyuck Chung, Dean of the university’s School of Pharmacy. The project was the brainchild of Professor Eun-Seok Park, Head of the university’s School of Pharmacy. He was introduced to GEA by Professor Paul Heng of the National University of Singapore with whom GEA had worked on a similar, successful project called GEANUS. During a visit to GEANUS in 2010, Professor Park was inspired to create a similar facility at SKKU.

Furthering the Course of Pharma in Korea

Professor Park’s vision for the facility is to deliver an industrial pharmacy degree course for undergraduates to a high internationally-renowned standard, undertake research by doctorate and post doctorate students, and to provide a product development facility and training courses for the pharmaceutical industry in South Korea.

“GEA Pharma Systems has supplied South Korean pharmaceutical companies with both liquid and solid dose technologies for over 25 years,” said Frans Maas, the company’s Vice President Sales and Marketing. “The SKKU-GEA lab demonstrates and reinforces the strong relationships we have with the country.”