Packing and Filling New Joint Venture Launched for Packing Free-Flowing Goods

Editor: Gabriele Ilg

Haver & Boecker (Oelde, Germany) and Windmoeller & Hoelscher (Lengerich, Germany) announced the launch of a new joint venture company, known as Aventus, at a press conference yesterday at Achema.

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Jürgen Vutz (left), Florian Festge (center) and Kai Lammers (right) with the logo of the new JV
Jürgen Vutz (left), Florian Festge (center) and Kai Lammers (right) with the logo of the new JV
(Source: Jenkins/Chemical Engineering)

Each parent company will own 5 % of the new JV. At the press conference, Juergen Vutz, CEO of Windmoeller & Hoelscher, and Florian Festge, managing partner at Haver & Boecker, said that Aventus will specialize in solutions for the packing of free-flowing loose goods up to finished pallets.

The two founding companies have product portfolios that are ideally suited for partnering, and indeed, the two have had a long history of partnership that precedes the startup of the JV. Once fully operational, Aventus will employ over 300 people and is expected to generate 80 million euros in sales annually. To lead the new JV, the two founding companies have tapped Kai Lammers, a former Windmoeller & Hoelscher employee with over 16 years of experience with W&H. Lammers will have the title of managing director for Aventus.

At the press event yesterday, Festge and Vutz explained that the motivation behind the formation of the JV comes from wishing to be positioned for the changes that are anticipated due to the megatrends of globalization and digitalization. Discussing the ways in which these megatrends will affect the filling and palletizing markets, Festge said that “Rapidly increasing innovation cycles, linked production processes worldwide, along with higher demands for flexibility, are only some of the challenges the market faces.” Aventus was formed to help fulfill these changing needs for today and tomorrow, he added.

The focus markets for Aventus include chemicals, suspension-PVC resin, fertilizers and salts, as well as food products, such as sugar, rice, vitamins and pet and animal feed, Lammers stated. The new company will provide solutions for the whole form, fill and seal process. Vutz and Festge said the name “Aventus” is a combination of two Latin words and is meant to symbolize the unification of the best of both parent companies.

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