Desiccants New Desiccants Help to Keep Food & Beverage Containers Moisture–Free

Author / Editor: PRASANTA KUMAR CHATTERJEE / Dominik Stephan

With fast increasing commodity prices, it is no longer a viable option for manufacturers to discard a portion of their valuable food cargo, as this practice increases the cost of doing business. Also, avoiding losses due to moisture is important to maintain a food manufacturer’s market image. Thus, in order to address the growing need of the right kind of container desiccants, Süd-Chemie Performance Packaging, a member of Clariant’s Functional Materials Business Unit, has launched a line of patented container desiccants – called ‘Container Dri II’ line.

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Keeping it dry: Protecting goods from moisture and ‘container rain’ during intermodal transport can add to manufacturer’s profit.
Keeping it dry: Protecting goods from moisture and ‘container rain’ during intermodal transport can add to manufacturer’s profit.
(Picture: Clariant)

As long-distance or intermodal shipments of food items face significant challenges from the damaging effects of humidity, including mold; mildew and spoilage, search for the best container desiccants prevailing among the Indian packaged food item manufacturers.

Although there is no exact statistics available on the estimation of gross worldwide damage of food products in transit due to moisture absorption, such instances are not rare even in the developed countries like the USA. In the words of Ketan Premani, Company Head, Süd-Chemie (India), “It is very hard to put an estimate on the amount of food lost to moisture damage, but I estimate the figure is in the hundreds of millions of dollars globally. Food is not the only cost factor when one of these shipments is lost. Additional labour is then needed to inspect and manage the claim, and additional freight charges would be incurred.”

Food & Beverage Industry Heavily Affected By Moisture

As per the manufacturer, the Container Dri II product line features a full array of configurations – bags, strips, poles, packs. It is a unique formulation that traps moisture in a no-spill gel, and has the ability to reduce the dew point to avoid ‘container rain’. With these desiccants, the container’s interior – and the cargo – remain dry. This solution offers shippers unmatched flexibility, choice and performance.

Innovative Desiccant Absorbs Moisture Three Times its Own Weight

While focusing on the formulation technically, Premani said, “The unique formulation comprises calcium chloride, a very aggressive desiccant, and modified starch, which serves as a gelling agent. With this formulation, Container Dri II can absorb about 300 per cent of its weight in moisture without generating damaging liquid water.”