China: Food for Special Medical Purposes Nestlé Opens Two New Consumer Healthcare Factories

Editor: Alexander Stark

Nestlé inaugurated two new factories in the China Medical City in Taizhou, Jiangsu Province. The factories will meet the needs of consumers for Foods for Special Medical Purposes (FSMP) and skin care products.

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Nestlé invests approx. $ 153 million in two new factories in Taizhou, China.
Nestlé invests approx. $ 153 million in two new factories in Taizhou, China.
(Source: Nestlé)

Vevey/Switzerland — The $ 153 million investment for the new factories built by Nestlé Health Sciences and Galderma adds to the group’s existing industrial set up.

Magdi Batato, Executive Vice President, Head of Operations for Nestlé, said at the inauguration ceremony that his company was fully committed to continue to invest in China. Nestlé has identified consumer healthcare as an addition growth platform, complementary to its core food and beverage business.

Liu Xuecong, secretary-general of the China Nutritional and Health Food Association, added at the ceremony that the FSMP industry is expected to become the new blue ocean for China's health industry. Nestlé Taizhou factory was scientifically and technologically advanced and would play an important role in supporting the healthy development of China's FSMP industry.

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