Heat Exchanger Multifunctional Plate Heat Exchangers

| Editor: Dr. Jörg Kempf

Plate heat exchangers are mainly designed for a specific purpose such as heating, cooling, evaporation or condensation.

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Combined tasks often require different equipment types, which are then executed with several and each other interconnected devices. The German manufacturer Gesmex has developed a concept with different devices combined in one unit. In this two plate packages with different corrugations are built into one shell:

  • One plate pack works as a pre-heater of the liquid phase.
  • A second package consists of plates with larger channel cross-sections and is optimized for the vaporization of the preheated medium.

The plate packages are operated with one or more heating circuits via multiple connections. The compactness of this unit increases once more by an integrated degasser with demistor to dehumidify the generated steam. Various measurement, inspection, discharge and vent connections complete the functionality of the plate heat exchanger. The result is a heat transfer system based on the so called Plate & Shell technology which is so compact as well as weight-optimized that it can be used in flexible systems like mobile Organic Rankine Cycle plants for decentralized power generation. In realized plants, the space requirements have been reduced by more than 30 percent and the weight by more than 15 percent, the company says.