Japan: Coal Gasification MHPS to Construct IGCC Plant in Fukushima

Editor: Alexander Stark

Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS) and Nakoso celebrated the full-scale launch of on-site construction of a coal gasification furnace that will form the core of an integrated coal gasification combined cycle (IGCC) plant in Iwaki, Fukushima.

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Nakoso Power Plant in Japan
Nakoso Power Plant in Japan
(Source: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries)

Yokohama/Japan — After completion, the plant will have a generating capacity of 540 MW, with operation scheduled to commence in September 2020.

The coal gasification furnace for Nakoso IGCC Power is presently being manufactured as the first product of its kind at MHPS's dedicated plant, which was completed at Nagasaki in 2017. Shipments will begin this June. According to the supplier, the manufacturing component modules for coal gasification furnaces offer high durability against high temperatures and pressures.

In an IGCC system, coal is gasified in a high-temperature, high-pressure gasification furnace, and power is generated using a high-efficiency combined-cycle format integrating gas and steam turbines. The system is revolutionary in that power generation efficiency is significantly higher and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions lower than conventional coal-fired plants. The company expects demand for IGCC plants to grow worldwide, especially in countries such as Japan which lack abundant resources.

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