Vitamin Supplements Merck Markets Seven Seas in India

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Merck expands it's product portfolio with a – seemingly – unusual choice: The German based pharmaceuticals company now markets ity cod liver oil and vitamin supplements brand Seven Seas in India.

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(Picture: Merck)
(Picture: Merck)

Mumbai/India – Merck's Indian Consumer Healthcare division brings up a special catch: The German based company now introduces Seven Seas, renown as a brand of vitamin supplements and cod liver oil, in India. Seven Seas is, according to Merck officials, currently the leader in the vitamin segment in over 100 countries.

“Many of us have grown up on SevenSeas cod liver oil,” remarked Dr. Marek Dziki, managing director of Merck's Indian branch. “It is a highly trusted brand with a rich heritage of over 75 years and is deeply entrenched in the memories of the Indian consumer for the past six decades. We are delighted that Merck is bringing the goodness of this time-tested, natural source of key nutrients and vitamins to the Indian population.”

Cod liver oil is especially rich in natural vitamin A and vitamin D and comprises two unique active ingredients, DHA and EPA, which are most potent in promoting health and defending the body against infections and diseases, Merck states. “The cod liver oil market is presently growing at a rate of nearly 18%. Research indicates that the Indian consumer is well aware of the importance of building immunity in order to keep pace with today’s hectic world. Erratic food habits and deficient nutrition compromise ones resistance to disease and ailments. Cod liver oil addresses this inadequacy in nutrition and helps in building immunity levels,” stated Mr. Ashish Bhatt, Business Head, Consumer Healthcare, of Merck (India).