Pumps/Water Materials for Water Processes

From Ahlam Rais

The safe and sustainable supply of high-quality water is a major challenge for municipal authorities - and all the more so in view of growing urbanization. Domo Chemicals, a leading manufacturer of polyamide-based plastics, has a range of solutions specially designed for such applications. Together with the pump supplier Wilo, added value is to be created for water processes.

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The Wilo-Para-MSL pump.
The Wilo-Para-MSL pump.
(Source: Domo)

Domo Chemicals has developed several products, the high certified performance of which has been proven for decades in contact with hot water as well as cold drinking water. A good example is the collaboration between Domo and Wilo, a provider of pump and conveying systems for building technology, water management and industry. Both companies share the common goal of accommodating the megatrend of urbanization with the user-friendly, intuitive, energy-efficient and high-performance implementation of complex technologies.

Wilo products are specifically designed to maximize the efficiency of heating and cooling systems. For the heating systems segment, Domo Chemicals offers several types of polymers that have been specially developed for applications in circulating pumps. "Our Technyl A218 V30 Black 34NG turned out to be the material of choice for Wilo," says Manuel Rossi, Technical Account Manager at Domo. “This is an injection molding compound based on polyamide 66 with 30 percent glass fiber reinforcement. The material is also heat-stabilized, glycol-resistant, and ensures the long-term performance of the components manufactured with it, even with permanent contact with water. "This material solution is used in the manufacture of Wilo Para MSL / 6-43 / SC circulation pumps for heating systems.

A second type of material approved for applications in contact with drinking water is Technyl A218W V30 Black FA. Both products show a very similar performance profile on aging in glycol, with Technyl A218 V30 Black 34NG doing slightly better. With its Application Part Testing (APT) Laboratory, the Engineered Materials business unit of Domo Chemicals has a well-equipped technical center for testing material samples and finished parts for water management applications. Core properties can be evaluated under the most extreme conditions, including modified and controlled parameters such as water temperature, pressure, flow, concentration of various substances (e.g. chlorine and oxygen) and pH value. The results of the tests enable reliable performance predictions for the entire intended service life of the respective products.