USA: Plant Engineering Lyondell Basell Progresses on Building the World’s Largest PO/TBA Facility

Editor: Ahlam Rais

Lyondell Basell’s 2.4 billion dollar facility has surpassed 20 % completion and on completion is expected to produce 470,000 metric tonnes of propylene oxide and 1 million metric tonnes of tertiary butyl alcohol annually.

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Groundbreaking ceremony of the Lyondell Basell plant which was held last year.
Groundbreaking ceremony of the Lyondell Basell plant which was held last year.
(Source: Lyondell Basell)

Texas/USA – Lyondell Basell has recently announced construction on its propylene oxide (PO) and tertiary butyl alcohol (TBA) plant has surpassed 20 per cent completion, with work shifting from foundation and infrastructure construction to vertical assembly. A key milestone of the project’s progress was marked by the recent delivery of a 25-story-tall, 601-tonne distillation tower, which will be the tallest piece of equipment to be installed.

“We’ve moved another step closer to delivering our PO/TBA project, with construction taking place simultaneously at two of our sites,” said Dan Coombs, Lyondell Basell executive vice president for Global Manufacturing, Projects and Refining. “This project creates a long-term value for our investors and we remain on track to bring our largest PO/TBA facility in the world online in 2021.”

The first pieces of structural steel are being safely installed at both construction sites, and installation of tanks, cooling towers and the flare will begin soon at the Channelview site.

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“As our infrastructure work wraps up, we’ll soon begin to see the plants emerge from both construction sites as these large pieces of equipment are installed,” said Joe Dorsch, PO/TBA project director. “We are one year into construction and our team has safely achieved several key milestones, which speaks of their talent and dedication.”

Once in operation, the PO/TBA plant will produce 1 billion pounds (470,000 metric tonnes) of PO and 2.2 billion pounds (1 million metric tonnes) of TBA annually.

Based on an analysis by the Greater Houston Partnership, Lyondell Basell’s 2.4 billion dollar PO/TBA project is estimated to generate more than 450 million dollars in tax benefits for the county, school district, community college and other local taxing districts over a 10-year period. The total project will create more than 2,200 construction jobs at the peak of construction and 160 permanent positions.

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