Compressors Liquid Ring Compressor for Easy Maintenance and Low Noise

Editor: Gabriele Ilg

The newly launched KPHX liquid ring compressor has features that allow easy maintenance and low noise levels. Capable of generating pressures up to 12 bar, the KPHX was developed by Netherlands-based SIHI Group, part of Flowserve Corp.

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KPHX compressors are designed with bearings and seals outside the pump, to facilitate maintenance.
KPHX compressors are designed with bearings and seals outside the pump, to facilitate maintenance.
(Picture: Jenskins)

The compressor is designed with its bearings and mechanical seals located outside the pump, which makes them easy to replace without having to dismantle the whole compressor. With two impellers and three-stage compression, the device also features low noise levels and operates with reduced vibration.

The KPHX's first impeller is divided into two single-flow chambers, enabling the impeller cell volume to adjust to the required compression ratio. The vanes are curved for optimum energy transfer and have been designed with an increased hub diameter to withstand maximum bending loads and inherent frequencies, Flowserve says.

Axial loads are absorbed by oil-lubricated bearings, and the bearing clearance is reduced to prevent the bending of shafts, regardless of operating system, the company adds. The KPHX is also designed for safety, with a double-shaft seal design, which, when combined with the method of compression, offers users the maximum safety for compressing explosive, toxic or environmentally hazardous media. Any fluids within the gas flow can also be be handled by the liquid ring unit, Flowserve says.

KPHX compressors are available in materials of construction that are typically required for more demanding operating environments. They comply with NACE Standard MR103 and can be made to complywith ANSI/NACE MR0175/ISO15156 on request, which allows them to be used with acid gases. Along with the launch of the KPHX compressor at the tradeshow, Flowserve is also displaying a range of flow-control products and services. Among the other products featured at Achema are ISC2 Series cartridge seals, which are designed to fit hundreds of widely used OEM pump models. Also, Flowserve is showing its M Series mixer seals, which are applied in agitating, blending and drying applications, and Gaspac dry gas seals.