Valencene Fermentation Large Scale Production of Fermented Valencene

Editor: Dominik Stephan

American renewable chemicals company Allylix has begun the production of valencene from fermentation in large scales, company officials say. The company now hopes to expand its technology to further industries.

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(Picture: Allylix)
(Picture: Allylix)

San Diego, California/USA – Allylix has mastered the production of valencene for the flavor and fragrance industry in large-scale commercial quantities, utilizing 200,000 liter fermentation tanks, company officials say. “Our capacity to produce valencene at this level means we can supply customers as much material as they need, on an ongoing basis, with consistent high quality,” said Carolyn Fritz, Allylix’s CEO. “A stable supply of valencene and other valuable terpenes from natural sources has been a challenge for the flavor and fragrance industry. Our ability to scale production solves this problem.”

Valencene is a sesquiterpene aroma component of citrus fruits used as an orange flavor and fragrance in beverages, confection and OTC healthcare flavors. It is traditionally produced from the peel of valencene oranges. Allylix's technology now provides a longterm stable supply of valencene, un-influenced by the orange harvest's outcome. This method can also be applied for a variety of high value terpenes across different industries. Other applications include food ingredients, insect repellents, and other specialty chemicals.