Butadiene Rubber Lanxess Celabrates Groundbreaking for Nd–PBR Plant in Singapore

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Lanxess announces major milestone for the world's biggest Nd-PBR plant in Singapore: The German based specialty chemicals company celbrated the groundbreaking for its new 140,000 metric tons/year rubber production on Jurong Island. Lanxess plans to invest some € 200 million in the site.

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Production of butyl rubber: This process step shows the dehumidification of the rubber crumbs.
Production of butyl rubber: This process step shows the dehumidification of the rubber crumbs.
(Picture: Lanxess)

Singapore –Lanxess has broken ground for its new neodymium-based performance butadiene rubber (Nd-PBR) plant on Juron Island, Singapore. The German specialty chemicals company is investing roughly EUR 200 million in a new 140,000 metric tons per annum facility, that will become the largest of its kind globally upon completion in 2015. Analysts expec a rising demand for these speciality rubbers, due to a growing market for “Green Tires”, especially in Asia.

“We are delighted to be bringing another major rubber investment to Singapore, which underlines our commitment to ‘Green Mobility’,” said Lanxess’ Chairman of the Board of Management, Axel C. Heitmann, at the groundbreaking event on Jurong Island. “It is our company’s focus on technology that makes it possible to reduce rolling resistance in tires and thus fuel consumption.”

Green Tire Boom Drives Butadiene Rubber Demand

Nd-PBR is used in the treads and sidewalls of “Green Tires”. It helps reduce the rolling resistance and increase the fuel efficiency of a tire. Nd-PBR is highly resistant to abrasion and plays a significant role in making tires safer and, above all, more durable.

The Petrochemical Corporation of Singapore (Private) will supply the majority of the key raw material butadiene needed to produce Nd-PBR, while Singapore’s TP Utilities (a whollyowned unit of Tuas Power) will provide steam to the new plant. Engineering contractor for detailed engineering and construction is a local Foster Wheeler subsidiary.

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