ACHEMA 2012: Pumps KSB’s MegaCPK: A Lean, Mean Combination

Author / Editor: Sabine Mühlenkamp / Dominik Stephan

The fewer the components the better — the insides of the pump type series MegaCPK is really as simple as that. This intelligent piece of re-engineering caters not only to lower maintenance costs, but also to higher operating reliability and optimised efficiency.

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The MegaCPK now comes with various types of impellers, casings and shaft seals and in a large number of different materials.
The MegaCPK now comes with various types of impellers, casings and shaft seals and in a large number of different materials.
(Picture: KSB)

All around the international chemical industry nowadays, day-to-day business is dominated by such concerns as energy efficiency, life cycle costs and investment security. Not just the systems per se, but all of their sundry components are expected to meet today’s high standards. Consider the standardised chemical pump as one prime example. Tens of thousands of them are serving in chemical installations around the world, and their high reliability and robustness have earned them a reputation for indestructibility.

Two Decades in Chemical Pumps

With CPKN and Mega, KSB has two series of standardised chemical pumps to offer that for decades now have stood for reliability, robustness and efficiency in the chemical sector. Over the years, both type series have been re-optimised again and again, and both of them are widely disseminated — CPKN mainly in Europe, and Mega chiefly in Asia and South America.


Devloping A Whole New Type of Pump

Measured against such success, any new pump series would have to have some real new benefits for the user, of course, so the entire development team was aware that it will not suffice to merely give those two series another upgrade. The goal was to develop a whole new type of pump — one that would be as reliable as its precursors and equipped to cope with the chemical industry’s future challenges.

Finally, in February of this year, the MegaCPK hit the market, set to supplant the existing pump series CPKN and Mega. Its defining characteristics are: excellent efficiency, optimum energy efficiency and absolute operating reliability.

Intelligent Combination

Getting there took lots of intensive talks with users, on-site discussions with hands-on practitioners and plenty of computing and testing. Both the CPKN and the Mega series have their own outstanding merits. While the CPKN can be accommodated to the most diverse applications thanks to its closely spaced sizes, the Mega pump’s hydraulic system gives it much potential with regard to energy efficiency. That combination alone gave our technicians and engineers enough work to do, and the team took advantage of the opportunity to meticulously optimise the pump’s every detail. In doing so, they utilised the finite element method (FEM) of analysis and applied the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) technique. All hydraulic contours were CFD-optimised and then validated in comprehensive test configurations.