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Editor: Dominik Stephan

KSB Pumps, a leading manufacturer of pumps and valves in the transport and treatment of water and wastewater segment, introduced extension of its KRT series pumps by adding new hydraulics.

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KSB Pumps Introduces New Range of Pumps
KSB Pumps Introduces New Range of Pumps
(Picture: KSB)

In addition to its existing E & K hydraulics, ‘F’ (Free Flow) hydraulics with semi open impellers is added. With this addition now KRT series can handle higher flow & head combination in four different pump sizes. More than 28 motor combinations serve the wide range of operation and meet the customer requirements precisely. The major advantage of new F type hydraulics is it can handle liquids containing solids up to size 100 mm.

KRT pumps caters wide range of applications in waste water, sewage, water containing long fibrous & solid substances as well as fluids containing air & gas, raw activated & digested sludge, drainage water extraction, storm water, water transport in municipal, industrial & in commercial establishments.