Pumps KSB India Introduces New Pump

Editor: Dominik Stephan

KSB in India has launched Amarex N, a new cost-efficient low-weight pump set which is compact enough to be installed in narrow sumps and tanks. The pump is designed for handling all types of waste water in municipal, industrial and commercial applications.

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KSB’s Amarex N Pump
KSB’s Amarex N Pump
(Picture: KSB)

Mumbai/India - Amarex N is available in 7 models ranging from DN 50 to 100 size, with maximum flow rate of 53 liters per second and a discharge head of up to 49 meters. Standard variant can withstand fluid temperature up to 55oC. The pump will primarily be used in pumped drainage systems, for example where waste water needs to be drained from below the flood level or in systems with long discharge pipes and insufficient natural slope for gravity drainage.

The pump is equipped with free flow impeller (type F) which can handle solids up to size 100 mm max. An option of cutter impeller (type S) is available in size 50 mm with the free passage of 6 mm to cut any fibrous material in the fluid. These benefits in selection of lower size pump which in turn saves initial investments and running costs.

The shaft is sealed off towards the motor by a shaft seal ring, and by a bi-rotational mechanical seal at the pump end, so the motor is protected against fluid ingress. A reservoir between the two seals, which is filled with environmentally compatible oil, ensures proper cooling and lubrication of the mechanical seal even if the fluid contains gas. Generously dimensioned ball bearings sealed for life support the stainless steel shaft.