Thailand: Polyolefin Foam Kaneka to Start New Plant for Polyolefin Foam Production

Editor: Alexander Stark

Kaneka Corporation has announced that it will establish a new plant for the production of expanded polyolefin foam in Hemaraj Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate, Rayong, Thailand.

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(Source: Kaneka)

Bangkok/Thailand — The new plant is aiming at further business expansion as well as meeting the increasing demand in the Southeast Asia and India region. Kaneka will invest approximately 2 billion yen ($ 18.3 million) to start operation capable of producing 3,000 tons of products per year by September 2018.

Combined with the output of the existing facilities in Malaysia, the production capacity in the region will exceed 6,000 tons per year.

In addition to cushioning materials for home appliances and precision equipment, the polyethylene foam produced in the plant is widely used for automotive parts such as bumper and seat cores and contributing to weight reduction of vehicles.

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