FOOD, PHARMA AND COSMETICS Italian Group Acquires Stick Pack Machinery Manufacturer

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Packaging equipment specialist Marchesini has acquired Schmucker, which builds stick pack machines for food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Traditionally used for products like sauces and instant coffee, stick packs are becoming increasingly popular for single servings of snacks, nutraceuticals and healthcare products.

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Sebastiano Nastasi, sales and technical director with Schmucker, with a stick packaging machine
Sebastiano Nastasi, sales and technical director with Schmucker, with a stick packaging machine

Schmucker was founded in 1977 by two brothers in Gorizia, on the border between Italy and Slovenia. Today the company employs 80 people and has a turnover €10.5 million, with an 80 % export share.The acquisition fits Marchesini’s strategy of rapid expansion. The group also recently bought Dumek (cosmetics processing machines), Vibrotech (infeed and positioning systems), and Sea Vision (inspection systems used to combat pharmaceuticals counterfeiting). Internally, Marchesini has established a new beauty division and a new rapid prototyping department.

Marchesini CEO Pietro Cassani said: “Just like we did for the other acquisitions, Schmucker will continue to be managed by its founders in order to guarantee business continuity, safeguard local suppliers and pass on their know-how. The single-dose stick pack market is very interesting. Over recent years it has moved from food to pharmaceuticals, thanks to its ease of use and ability to save 20–30 % of packaging material compared with the sachets sealed on four sides.”

Marchesini on a Shopping Spree

Enrico Schmucker, CEO of Schmucker, added: “We are honored to belong to an enterprise such as the Marchesini Group. We are convinced that we will provide an important contribution to the Group’s expansion strategies thanks to our skills and our team.”

On its stand at Achema, Schmucker has a sachet line that has been sold to SIT, a well-known Italian contract packer that exports most of its production. This line will work alongside six standalone machines and five lines to be seen on the Marchesini stand. Last month, Marchesini also acquired 80 % of Creinox, an Italian company that manufactures stainless steel tanks and containers.

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