4th Innovation Award at Powtech 2011

Innovation Award Recognises Innovative Product Developments

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Innovation Award for Particle/Material Analysis and Characterisation

Particle size readings made more comfortable with the new Mastersizer 3000 from Malvern Instruments. This new compact system in a user-friendly design has an extended dynamic measurement range from 0.01 to 3500 mm and delivers precise particle size readings for wet and dry measurements using laser diffraction. The measurement range, combined with the auxiliary sample dispersion equipment – including a new dry powder dispersion unit – enables a wide spectrum of applications. The measurements are software-guided and can be carried out equally by beginners and experts. With this development, Malvern took the top place in the category Particle/Material Analysis and Characterisation.

Likewise on the shortlist:


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  • The JEL Horus particle measurement device by J. Engelsmann for sieving machines: it permits permanent monitoring of sieved products at the sieving machine. If a sieve tear occurs or the sieve is overflown, the system detects deviations and can thus prevent products being destroyed or having to be sieved again.
  • Fritsch, with their laser particle measurement devices Analysette 22 MicroTEC plus and NanoTEC plus, which enable particle measurements in the range 0,08 to 2000 mm and 0.01 to 2000 mm respectively at the touch of a button. For dry or wet measurements, the measuring unit can be combined with different dispersion units. To change between these, the plug-in cassette with the measurement cell is simply swapped round.

Innovation Award for Pharmaceutical Technology

Last, but not least, innovations in pharmaceutical technology were recognised with the Award. Here Meridion Technologies scored highly with the jury. In order to produce freeze-dried microspheres as bulk goods, the firm has developed two new main processes: SprayCon and DynaFreeze. SprayCon uses high-precision jets to break down fluids into individual droplets; these freeze in a cooling trough as round particles of homogenous size (200 to 800 mm). DynaFreeze freeze-dries frozen bulk goods, such as microspheres, gently and with continuous mixing. The advantage compared to classical freeze-drying: freeze-drying and filling are separated, reducing costs and positively influencing product quality, process stability and time-to-market.

Others who got onto the shortlist were:

  • Hecht Technologie, whose EWI one-way weighing isolator is used in solid material transfer processes for weighing and dosing of small quantities. This one-way system makes particular sense for frequent product changes involving toxic, dangerous and sensitive solid materials, as it reduces costs considerably.
  • Hüttlin with its laboratory equipment Solidlab 1, which covers the entire production process for tablets. For this purpose, it combines three process modules for powder mixing, granulating and coating of pellets and tablets.

The next Innovation Award will be presented at Achema 2012.

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