4th Innovation Award at Powtech 2011

Innovation Award Recognises Innovative Product Developments

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Innovation Award for Basic Processing Technologies for Powder and Bulk Material

The Hydro Grind process by AK System was previously applied mainly in the wet area for producing semi-solid as well as pasty products. The latest development of this patented process, Hydro Grind Dry Processing, is now also capable of reducing solids to small particles and of handling large quantities of medium. For this innovation, the jury chose the firm as the award winner in the category Basic Processing Technologies for Powder and Bulk Material. The process enables combining and mixing of different process steps in one batch. In addition, fat emulsions can be produced during the post-grinding phase. A process installation which combines Hydro Grind and Hydro Grind Dry processes can thus carry out complete processing procedures in the sense of hygienic production.

The shortlist candidates in this category were:


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  • Dinnissen with the Slide-Pegasus Mixer, which is a hygienic version of the continuous Pegasus Mixer. Mounted on a rail system as standard, the mixer can be slided as a whole, so peripheral equipment around the mixer can be easily accessed for cleaning, inspection and maintenance. The system can also be used to calibrate a production process or to create a by-pass or a second unloading line. For this it is simply pushed under a weighing system or an outlet funnel.
  • Flex-Conti with the container-transport system Flex-Conti: it can be moved in any direction and guides containers through the production installations on a rail system. The system’s use of containers prevents any contamination of the conveyed goods. The transport operates with a speed of around one metre per second. The system is suitable for flexible containers of up to about 250 litres.

Innovation Award for Measurement and Control

In-process control and integrated weighing in very compact systems is possible with the new, extremely compact WMC weighing module by Mettler-Toledo. The modules use the newly developed direct coupling technology for force compensation weighing, replacing the usual lever mechanics and opening the way for goods only 25 mm wide. The small dimensions, high measurement accuracy and independence of external disturbances such as vibration from production environments qualify the WMC module for new application possibilities. Although its nominal weighing capacity is 20 g, the module can withstand loads of up to 2 kg. For this new product, the firm received the award in the category MSR-Technology/Automation.

The following products made it onto the shortlist:

  • The microwave moisture sensor FL-Mobi-Mic by the Franz Ludwig Gesellschaft für Mess- und Regeltechnik: this newly developed probe possesses an integrated transmitter unit, enabling wireless transfer of moisture readings between transmitter and receiver. It is therefore suitable for applications in which operational conditions rule out cabling of the sensors; it thus enables precise monitoring of material moisture conditions in mobile or rotating solid goods containers.
  • From WIKA Alexander Wiegand the Model TW61 thermowell for sanitary applications with orbital welding procedures: measuring devices in sterile processes must be linked into the process hygienically – for invasive measurements as free of dead space and gaps as possible. The thermowell Model TW61 is therefore integrated into the pipe without dead space due to orbital welding procedures and indentation of the pipe material.

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