ARC Annual Forum

Information Driven Enterprise in a Connected World

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This forum provides the appropriate environment for understanding the benefits of new technologies. ARC believes that manufacturing companies should harness technology solutions to gather data; convert data into actionable information; initiate appropriate actions; and measure, analyze, and visualize the results in real time. Manufacturing IT solutions and automation systems accelerate innovation, improve productivity and asset performance, and enhance efficiency along the value network.

The upcoming forum in Bengaluru will lay emphasis on all these factors. Presentation highlights This year’s forum is much awaited, with end-user registrations having already crossed the 220 mark and still counting. Speakers have been lined up from ARC’s impressive marquee of 11 sponsors. The invited speakers include senior personnel from end-user organizations. Industry thought leaders have also evinced interest to actively participate in the forum deliberations.


Impressive List of Speakers

So far, the impressive list of speakers making presentations from the ARC Advisory Group include Research Director, ARC Advisory Group, Boston, USA, Ralph Rio; ARC Advisory Group, Country Manager-India, G Ganapathiraman, and ARC Advisory Group, Senior Analyst India, Neelam Singh. Presentations that are going to be made by the end-users include topics that cover the power, machinery, pharmaceutical, and discrete industries, among others. With so much information being shared in just two days, this event is a must attend for all companies, which want to stay ahead of the competition.