ARC Annual Forum

Information Driven Enterprise in a Connected World

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The backdrop

India’s economy is slowly regaining its momentum and in FY 2014-2015 the GDP rate is expected to perk up. It remains resilient because of the strong fundamentals and domestic demand-driven economy. Just as global companies find India an attractive market, manufacturing companies in the country are looking beyond the domestic market for growth. There has been a radical change in the way businesses are conducted worldwide. Everything is inter-connected and immediate – contact, communication, information and deliverables; and this builds pressure, as one weak link can affect market share. To remain globally competitive in this volatile marketplace, companies must adopt new processes and technologies.

Resulting from these developments, manufacturing companies are under pressure to focus on improving productivity and increasing efficiency. There is increasing awareness among manufacturing companies about effectively managing costs, reducing energy consumption, efficiently managing resources, and addressing environmental concerns. Industries will benefit from this forum because they will gain insights about industry trends, get technology updates, and learn from others’ experiences.


Growth platform

Government measures are being implemented to support and provide incentives to boost industrial growth. Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity – both inbound and outbound – partnerships, and collaboration across all industry verticals in India are on an upswing. The manufacturing sector is at an inflection point: the technologies are available, but they need to be deployed effectively and extensively. Technology providers must take the responsibility to educate and inform their customers about their solutions so that the implementation cost is justified and the accrued benefits are understood. Looking into the future, it is evident that upgradation of the manufacturing sector can only happen if the technology providers and end-users collaborate effectively and move in tandem.

ARC’s Forum provides this platform. The game-changers will be solution providers who are agile and flexible to the customers’ needs; and end-users who are open and receptive to adopting new technologies to their benefit. Both suppliers and end-user organizations will thrive only if they continually reinvent and reposition themselves in terms of streamlining processes and delivering world -class quality.