Complete Drive Solutions Industrial Gear Units and Services for Heavy Duty Applications

Author / Editor: Marcel Dröttboom * / Marcel Dröttboom

To find a suitable drive system for heavy duty and critical applications, just looking at the technical specifications is not sufficient. Whether a drive solution can really be called complete, also depends on the additional values offered by the supplier.

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Fig. 1: The demand for system solutions with industrial gear units continues to increase worldwide as user a looking for more cost efficient and reliable solutions.
Fig. 1: The demand for system solutions with industrial gear units continues to increase worldwide as user a looking for more cost efficient and reliable solutions.
(Picture: SEW Eurodrive)

The worldwide demand for heavy drive systems in handling of bulk materials and piece goods, as well as large-scale processing equipment has continuously increased in recent years. Especially complete drive system solutions are becoming more and more popular – not only in Europe but in oversea markets as well, as Helmut Holz, SEW Business Unit Manager Heavy Industrial Solutions explains in the interview in page 17. As Mr. Holz states, purchasing a complete drive solution from a single supplier instead of separate components offers a number of advantages, such as reduced system complexity and good price performance ratio.

However, the design and installation of the optimum drive system is only the beginning. In order to secure a high reliability and availability during the entire life cycle, the drive system has to be thoroughly monitored and accurately maintained. In addition, should the drive system fail at some point in time, the supplier has to be able to provide a repair service and spare parts as fast as possible.

Thus it can be said that a truly complete drive system solution is more than just the product. Every user searching for such a complete system has to look not only at the product but at the whole package of product range, know-how and services available from a respective supplier.

Broad Range, small Steps

The closer the specifications of a drive system to the requirements of an application the better. To adapt the speed and torque delivered by the motor to these requirements is the function of the gear unit. Simply speaking, an undersized gear unit may suffer premature failure and thus cause unplanned system downtime and profit loss, whereas an oversized gear unit leads to unnecessarily high investment and operating cost.

To make full use of the advantages of single sourcing and be able to purchase a many gear units a possible from a single supplier, it is therefore necessary to find a supplier with a broad range of highly adaptable solutions.

German drive solution specialist SEW Eurodrive certainly offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of gear units available on the market. The portfolio of SEW Heavy Industrial Solutions, for example, includes helical and helical bevel gear units, planetary gear units, as well a the so called application gear units. Each of the different models has been design to provide high adaptability and flexibility while making use of a modular design approach as much as possible.

A good example is the companies successful X-series of helical and helical bevel gear units. According to Mr. Holz, the steps between the different sizes of the X-series are the smallest available on the market and would thus allow for a better adaptation to a particular application, preventing over or under dimensioning.

The X-series covers a torque range from 6 to 475 kNm and gear transmission ratios from 6 to 450. Due to their housing design, they can be installed in almost every position, and various different shaft arrangements as well as a large number of pre-defined supplementary equipment further increases the flexibility.

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