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In Control: How to Implement Distributed Control During a Plant Revamp

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After completion of the hydrolyser work, the team moved towards commissioning of the Urea plant. A new maintenance free earth pit was also installed for the purpose of electronic grounding and safety of the system.

Bulk of the commissioning activity was focused on the DCS and field instrumentation, which was to be replaced with SMART transmitters. After FAT in end September 2013, a system was dispatched to Kota by a vendor. The process of installation was initiated and completed with civil work. The system was commissioned in all aspects in December, 2013.


Connecting operations for Better Control

During commissioning of the urea plant, almost 70 closed loops and 110 open loops were shifted on the DCS including the urea reactor pressure interlock. Daily meticulous planning was done to take up open loops and closed loops. Plant operators were kept at strategic locations whenever pneumatic to electronic conversions were being carried out in order to avoid any mishap. The system is in operation since December 2013, and no operational problems have been faced at the plant till date.

* The authors are General Manager (Instruments) and Instrument Engineer at Shriram Fertilizers and Chemicals, Kota