Automation Improving Productivity by Optimizing Manufacturing Processes

Author / Editor: Indira Rao / Dominik Stephan

In the fast-paced pharmaceutical market, automation is an important trend more so because the pharmaceutical industry is highly regulated as public health safety is of primary importance. The article takes a look at how automation technologies in the pharma sector help enhance the productivity of companies thereby increasing the safety quotient among the users.

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Strict quality and safety standards such as FDA, PAT, GMP set the framework for pharmaceutical manufacturing processes
Strict quality and safety standards such as FDA, PAT, GMP set the framework for pharmaceutical manufacturing processes
(Picture:Vogel Business Media/Taken from PROCESS India April 2013)

The automation solution business in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry in India is predominantly a highly cost competitive market. By adopting automation solutions, the industry aims to achieve productivity, quality consistency and flexibility of the processes and reduced time to market, while meeting safety and compliance requirements. Hence, it becomes pertinent for manufacturing companies to provide an optimum solution in terms of automation solution offerings and value addition.

Agreeing Vice President - Vertical Sub Segments Process Automation South Asia, Siemens, Sascha Maennl avers, “The crux lies in getting involved very early in the project as it opens doors for better understanding of the customer requirements thereby achieving the first time right approach.”

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Providing Optimal Automation Solutions

Citing an example, Maennl explains that the automation solution for the pharma industry calls for a stringent computer system validation (CSV) which clearly stipulates the intended use of the computer system

application. System requirements are gathered and documented in the system definition phase itself.

“Hence, an early involvement with the customer is crucial in providing the optimal automation solution. As an automation system vendor, optimal automation solutions also means defining the system architecture in line with the customer requirement. A qualified pool of automation engineers coming from the pharma industry background helps us in designing and defining the automation solution to meet customer requirement.”

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