Piping Isometrics How to Quickly Build As-Built Piping Isometrics Directly from Laser Scan Point Clouds

Editor: Dr. Jörg Kempf

Intergraph has released Cloudworx for Smartplant Isometrics 2012 R1, a valuable add-on to its Smartplant Isometrics solution that allows users to quickly create accurate, as-built piping isometrics directly from a laser scan point cloud.

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(Picture: Intergraph)

Cloudworx for Smartplant Isometrics 2012 R1 leverages Leica Geosystems’ industry-leading Cyclone software technology to efficiently display the laser scan point cloud and navigate through it in a window with measured piping data overlaid graphically, a revolutionary method of creating as-built piping asset documentation.

Cloudworx for Smartplant Isometrics supports the rapid creation of piping isometric documents using Intergraph Isogen, the world’s leading solution for the total automation of piping isometric drawing production. The easily understood sketching functionality and automated drawing creation means CAD or 3D skills are not required, but also allows experienced piping designers to be highly productive in creating as-built piping data.

The software is complementary to 3D model-based solutions based on Smart 3D, PDS or CADWorx, since the same Isogen software is used to produce the deliverable. Results are consistent and underlying data — regardless of its source — can be used to create documentation for inspection of piping systems, including the automated, rule-based placement of inspection location points.

When used in conjunction with Smartplant Enterprise for Owner Operators (SPO), the comprehensive as-built documentation can be managed to ensure the integrity of the piping asset. SPO adds change management and audit capability when the piping documents are published to the plant engineering data store and maintained through time.

With the new SPO TruView integration capability, Cloudworx for Smartplant Isometrics can use the same point cloud data to create piping documentation as needed for operating and maintaining a facility, or to document the as-built asset in line with industry regulations.

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