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What this Means for Bapco, and What’s Next

Since Bapco began the governance journey for Operational Excellence, utilizing XHQ has become the vital key to the program’s results. Nathan Wright says “Using XHQ to support Operational Excellence and specifically governance/compliance initiatives at Bapco has delivered benefits that are measurable and continue to provide compounded dividends.”


In the last three years since use of XHQ began, Bapco has seen over 95 % reductions in Overdue Safety Work Orders. This is contributing to the ultimate goal of zero incidents occurring within the company’s refineries, and to providing the highest level of safety possible. There has been an over 85 % reduction in overdue MOCs, enabling operations to run more effectively.

The assurance of visibility and transparency, enhanced with the XHQ Operations Intelligence solution, has made a big difference to getting refinery operations tasks done; as evidenced by the 60 % reduction in overdue actions and 45 % reduction in the number of days that actions are overdue. Bapco has seen a 50 % reduction in its work order and work requests backlog due to the visibility provided by XHQ. In addition, recent findings indicate that governance has produced significant gains in plant reliability, with XHQ being a significant factor in this success.

Bapco wishes to extend the benefits it has seen with the utilization of XHQ solutions. The OE team intends to continue to refine the automated reporting system to add further value for strategic initiatives in the company. In addition, it aims to add greater personalization for XHQ users, as it has been proven at Bapco that personalization is an effective and efficient way for employees to see the status of many different work processes. The Operational Governance program at Bapco has yielded such positive results that it has been decided to spread the model across other (non-operational) Divisions of the organization.

* The author is Marketing Manager Process Automation, Siemens AG, Process Industries and Drives, Bonn/Germany. This article is based on a presentation at the XHQ North America User Conference that was held April 22 and 23, 2015 in Houston, Texas, USA.