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XHQ Really Is a “One-Stop-Shop” for Bapco

The types of data that are made available in XHQ include HSE-type data and critical process data. In addition to role-based and generalized views, personalized employee information snapshots are available for activities from seven different data sources. This personalized screen shows the relevant activities for the employee that is currently logged in to the XHQ system: Open incidents where the employee is involved, open actions, including those that are overdue as well as those that are about to become overdue, and Management of Change orders (MOCs) where the employee is involved. Other company-specified data is available as per the Operational Excellence program goals. This snapshot can be clicked to drill down to more specific data by the XHQ user. This is an especially useful tool for individuals to stay apprised of their activities.


Leveraging this Data at a Higher Level

This individualized data is also aggregated and displayed to represent actions for larger groups in the organization. This is especially crucial to enable the effective governance of Operational Excellence for Bapco’s refinery operations. Any Bapco leader can review this data on their own or together with their team, without tedious and time-consuming preparation. Bapco has one single system to track actions, even though the information comes from several different sources.

Several “Explorer” views are used in XHQ to gain an insight into the status of actions. One example is the Actions Explorer. This view in XHQ provides a live, real-time status of all actions, and can be used to compare this status across different aspects of the organization. This Explorer can show relevant information about actions as they relate to incidents or audits, for instance, or even engineering information. The user can easily make use of filters within the Actions Explorer and see details of any one of them.

Bapco has added a special functionality to its Action Explorer, and can go directly from the status in XHQ to email the employee responsible, should there be any communication needed regarding the action. The Action Explorer provides visibility to the leadership at Bapco and enables them to ensure compliance.