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Simulation Beats Trial-and-Error How to Find the Best Cleaning Nozzle for the Job?

Author / Editor: Boris Schmidt* / Dominik Stephan

How to find the best cleaning nozzle for the job? One can always try it out — or save the hassle by using state-of-the-art simulation tools. It’s the optimal arrangement of the nozzles inside the tank that lays the foundations for reliable cleaning results. A new simulation software helps customers to find the most suitable nozzle system for the cleaning task at hand. Furthermore, it identifies potential weak points during the development phase and explores potentials for optimizing existing systems, thus avoiding planning errors, reducing downtimes, and ensuring more efficiency and process reliability.

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Taking cleaning into account during tank design.
Taking cleaning into account during tank design.
(Source: Lechler; © pressmaster - [M] Beeger)

Cleaning processes preferably run automatically nowadays. To ensure reliable results of the highest quality while meeting efficiency and ecology requirements, solutions have to be tailored precisely for the task in question.

Static spray balls are no longer considered to be the universal, all-purpose weapon for tank cleaning. Tests impressively demonstrate, that dynamic rotating cleaners with full or flat fan nozzles or high impact cleaning machines deliver better and more economical results. The additional outlays are quickly recouped at significantly lower operating costs.