Viscosity Sensors

How to Achieve Easy Integration With Process Analytics for Concentration and Viscosity Analysis

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Solutions for Concentration, Density, Viscosity Measurement

Anton Paar provides integrated solutions for concentration measurement based on the physical parameters of sound velocity, density and viscosity.

Due to the underlying measuring principle, sound velocity sensors could be integrated into the production process as an inline measurement over 25 years ago. The measuring principle is based on the measurement of the time a sound wave travels between a transmitter and a receiver through the liquid to be measured. If the distance between the units is known, the time is converted into the sound velocity value of the liquid. For many liquid solutions and mixtures the sound velocity is directly proportional to the concentration. If the sensor head has the shape of a fork, it can be installed into the pipe or tank very easily using a flange. Besides being easy to integrate in the process, the sound velocity sensors from Anton Paar are basically maintenance-free and not sensitive to bubbles. Apart from concentration, the temperature of the medium has the biggest influence on the sound velocity. To determine and compensate for this influence, the sound velocity sensors are equipped with two temperature sensors.


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Concentration and Viscosity Have to Be Determined at Highest Precision

Often, however, the concentration needs to be determined with even higher accuracy or the sound velocity measurement is not possible due to the concentration curves. Here Anton Paar’s density sensors have proven to be an optimal solution: The new generation of density sensors from Anton Paar combine a high measuring accuracy with easy integration into the process. The sensors are light and compact, so an additional support for the sensor is not required.

Modular Concept for Easy Handling and Integration

The modular concept includes a wide variety of process adapters and wetted parts made of many different materials. Besides the typical bypass adapters there are also inline adapters which make installation of a density sensor as easy as installing a sound velocity sensor. Different electrical interfaces meeting various industrial standards round off the product portfolio and allow easy integration into the required networks.