Coating, Containment and Continuous production How Glatt is Exceeding the Benchmark

Editor: Anke Geipel-Kern

Coating, Containment and Continuous production — these were the three big themes that the pharmaceutical machine manufacturer Glatt has been focusing on at Achema. We are introducing the new machines that raise the benchmark.

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The Glatt GCC sets standards in coating technology.
The Glatt GCC sets standards in coating technology.
(Picture: Andreas Suetterlin; © Salome - Fotolia; [M] Tscherwitschke)

The pharma machine manufacturer Glatt ignited a dazzling display of innovations at Achema — the South Badish company went the extra mile and introduced three new products at once in Frankfurt.

The triennial exhibition with its international clientele is the ideal platform to introduce latest developments, emphasises Dr. Jochen Thies, who, as a Development Manager, put in a lot of energy in the new machines.

The efforts have obviously been worthwhile — the dazzling display of innovations was up; it was put in the limelight on an area of 1278 sq. m. by the Marketing Manager, Axel Friese. The assessments of the trade show reports are extremely gratifying, informs Friese. Several visitors were there to get an insight into one of the three latest developments.

The Idea Behind Modcos

The first is the new continuously operated process plant: With Modcos (stands for Modular Continuous System) the Binzen company admittedly moved into stony terrain. Since the competition had already exhibited and deployed the continuous system. But the idea behind Modcos differs from the previously known models.

The developers paid particular attention to the traceability of raw materials and products in the continuously operated process plant. It can then be understood which substances are at which locations at any time in the continuously operated process plant. In addition to the well-known and already established granulation in the tiny-screw extruder, Glatt offers the option to continuously granulate in the fluidised bed or in the single-shaft blender.

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