Plant Project in Bosnia Herzegovina GEA Builds New Facility for Personal Care Products for Violeta

Editor: Dominik Stephan

GEA builds a new production plant for home and personal care products in Bosnia Herzegovinia for Violeta. The new facility shall provide a flexible and fully automatic, multi-purpose liquid processing infrastructure, allowing Violeta to create new opportunities in a market that has, to date, been dominated by foreign imports...

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Violeta process line for home and personal care products.
Violeta process line for home and personal care products.
(Picture: GEA)

Violeta opened for business in 1990 as an exclusive importer and distributor of European brands like Ferrero, Barilla etc. In early 2000 Violeta invested in equipment for the production of toilet tissue and kitchen towels and ever since Violeta has expanded with production of different categories such as baby diapers, baby wet wipes, cosmetic wipes, lady napkins, handkerchiefs and table napkins. However earlier this year, and in line with its policy of innovation, Violeta made a bold decision to invest in its own production technology that would allow it to manufacture its own HPC products specifically for the markets in the region and to adjust production in line with market trends.

The new plant, which is still at the design stage, will occupy a green field site and be built to the same standard of hygiene that GEA Liquid Processing employs for food-grade applications such as dairies and breweries. This means that product will be manufactured in a closed system that can produce relatively small batches and be switched as necessary to manufacture a wide variety of products. By comparison with traditional technology that requires a dedicated production line for each product, the system is much more flexible, less expensive and provides a safer, contained working environment for Violeta staff.

GEA Supplies Equipment for Material Handling, Storage and Dosage

The equipment supplied directly by GEA includes the raw material reception, raw material storage, dosage systems, mixing systems including GEA’s new BATCH FORMULA™ technology, final product storage and Clean In Place (CIP). The plant will operate according to international hygiene and production standards, producing superior quality products that will meet the highest standards for sustainability. “The whole point is that we can flush the plant; clean it effectively; make it safe; change products at will; ensure that raw materials, some of which are extremely aggressive, are handled safely; and guarantee the security of outcome for the customer,” explained Søren Sandahl Skov, Area Sales Manager Biotech and HPC for GEA Liquid Processing.

But although GEA Liquid Processing is designing the plant using proven technology, according to Søren, it is a challenging project nevertheless. “Many of the products are extremely viscous and need to be transported in heat-traced pipes and stored in temperature controlled tanks,” he explained. “Some of the products are also very aggressive and can cause skin irritation, so we have built in a high degree of safety to protect the workforce.” GEA also uses pigging systems to recover product efficiently during product changeover and minimise the use of chemicals during the cleaning process; and has used its experience of plant design to avoid dead ends in the pipe-work thereby making cleaning easier and more effective.

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