CO2 as Chemical Feedstock

From CO2 to Plastic Foams: The Stuff That Dreams are Made of?

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“Of course that is not enough to meet market demand,” admitted Bayer Material Science Executive Board Chairman Patrick Thomas. “However, we have a patented process and it remains to be seen whether we will be the sole producer of this polyol. We also have the option of licensing the technology.”

There is a general feeling of satisfaction: Bayer is pleased at the positive response to the technology and the opportunity to reduce oil consumption. The RWTH Aachen has demonstrated its credentials in basic research, and RWE hopes to use the technology to clean up power station emissions. Whether the waste gas foam becomes economically significant or remains the stuff of dreams remains to be seen. There is now, however, reason to dream, maybe even on a mattress made from CO2.

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* The author is a PROCESS editor.