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Jan 15, 2019

ProFi-OEB - For High Containment Powder Handling, Dosing and Milling

An innovative, patented system that allows the handling, dosing and milling of pharma product under an OEB 5 high containment.

The system offers simplicity of use, while providing high containment performance and accurate dosing during the milling operation.

The SoliValve® technology allows to fill or discharge (completely or partially) via one universal docking unit any type of powder container such as drums, bags, pouches etc. equipped with a dedicated, passive valve.

SoliValve®, in addition, provides high containment transfer, accurate, repeatable dosing and allows fully automated handling of any type of such containers.  

High containment is achieved, primarily due to the unique docking system between the active and passive components and, secondly enhanced by the active and passive cone, as well as sealing surface cleaning features.