Fluidised Bed Mixers Fluid Bed System Triples Batch Sizes While Significantly Reducing Costs

Author / Editor: Dolf Oberborbeck / Anke Geipel-Kern

Thanks to the investment in a larger fluid bed system, a generic manufacturer now produces the same amount of drugs in half the time. This not only shortens production time, but also lowers expenses for quality assurance and documentation.

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By tripling the batch size on the new HDGC 600, the production of only one batch now suffices to significantly save time and costs.
By tripling the batch size on the new HDGC 600, the production of only one batch now suffices to significantly save time and costs.
(Pictures: Bosch)

With more than 75 years of experience on the Spanish market, Normon is among the leading pharmaceutical manufacturers in the country. What started as a small family business in 1937 has expanded into a corporation that now employs around 1,400 people who share a production space of 80,000 square meters. More than 90 percent of the production outcome consists of generic drugs.

The production site accommodates machines for the manufacture of liquid vials, freeze–dried vials, dental cartridges, ampoules, infusion bags and capsules, as well as for the production of granules and tablets including products such as antibiotics, high potency products, anesthetics, analgesics and anti–inflammatories, which are distributed worldwide.

Based on Solid Experience

With the aim of reducing costs, Normon planned to significantly increase its batch sizes for certain products. The manufacturer needed to pay close attention to the high quality and safety standards and economic aspects, as well as flexible production sizes and times. This required the use of flexible and reliable technology, and resulted in a renewed cooperation with long–term partner Hüttlin GmbH, located in Schopfheim, Germany.

Hüttlin has been part of Bosch Packaging Technology since 2011. Together with the Bosch brand Manesty, Hüttlin completes Bosch’s process technology portfolio for pharmaceuticals. From laboratory to production machinery, all Hüttlin systems are designed to meet customer and market requirements. The portfolio covers equipment for mixing, granulating, drying and coating, as well as comprehensive containment solutions and laboratory installations.

Fluidised Bed Systems for Life Science Applications

Normon already installed two fluid bed systems HDG 200 in 2004 and two further ones in 2008. “For many years, Hüttlin has provided us with excellent quality machinery. So the decision to purchase an additional Hüttlin fluid bed system was based on solid experience,” says Gonzalo Fernández Govantes, responsible for Technical Operations and Industrial Processes at Laboratorios Normon, S.A. “It quickly showed that the HDGC 600 offered the specific life science functionality we wanted, backed by the robust technology we needed. Normon also required a system which provides the highest possible performance, reliability and functionality, while giving us the flexibility to quickly make changes to our processes. We wanted to give our production a tool that moves us to the front of the technology race,” Gonzalo Fernández Govantes adds.

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