USA: Growing Demand for High Performance Plastics ExxonMobil to Increase Beaumont Plant

Editor: Alexander Stark

ExxonMobil announced plans to add a new production unit at its Beaumont polyethylene plant that will increase capacity by 65 % — or approximately 650,000 tonnes per year — to meet growing demand for high performance plastics.

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ExxonMobil intends to increase its Beaumont facility by 65 %.
ExxonMobil intends to increase its Beaumont facility by 65 %.
(Source: ExxonMobil)

Beaumont/USA — The Beaumont project builds on supply advantages created by ExxonMobil’s expansion of its Mont Belvieu Plastics Plant in Texas, where two similar polyethylene units are being added. Combined, this multi-billion dollar investment will increase the company’s U.S. polyethylene production by 40 %, or nearly two million tonnes per year, making Texas the largest polyethylene supply point for the company.

“The availability of vast new supplies of U.S. shale gas and associated liquids for feedstock and energy is a significant advantage that enables expansion to meet strong global demand growth in polyethylene,” said Cindy Shulman, vice president of ExxonMobil’s plastics and resins business. The oil producer's previously announced investments at Beaumont include expansion of the refinery’s crude refining capacity in 2015 and, earlier this year, construction of a new unit to increase domestic supply of ultra-low sulfur gasoline and diesel.