USA: Specialised Technology Exxon Mobil Selects Sulzer’s Inventive Gas Dehydration Technology for U.S. Unit

Editor: Ahlam Rais

Sulzer’s innovative Cmist technology for natural gas dehydration is an alternative to conventional glycol contactors and will be installed at Exxon Mobil’s facility which is expected to start-up in the second half of 2020.

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With the installation of the innovative technology at Exxon Mobil’s facility, it will be the world’s first commercial application of the Cmist technology.
With the installation of the innovative technology at Exxon Mobil’s facility, it will be the world’s first commercial application of the Cmist technology.
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Switzerland – Sulzer is supplying the first ever industrial scale Cmist system for natural gas dehydration with start-up scheduled for the second half of 2020. The unit will be installed at an onshore Exxon Mobil facility in the U.S. The Cmist unit is to be delivered to Exxon Mobil’s facility by Sulzer Chemtech and will be the world’s first commercial application of the Cmist technology in place of conventional glycol contactors. The project will be executed by Sulzer’s specialised engineering centers in Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S.; Arnhem, the Netherlands; and Pune, India.

The equipment will showcase how this innovative gas processing solution can support companies in the oil and gas sector in meeting stringent requirements for water content in natural gas with a compact and lightweight solution. Exxon Mobil’s patented technology relies on a proprietary Cmist droplet generator and Sulzer’s patented Hiper Inline separator to deliver the same performance and efficiency as conventional gas dehydration systems based on glycol contactors, while greatly reducing their weight and footprint.

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As a result, Cmist is particularly beneficial for onshore and offshore facilities, where space is limited. The technology is equally applicable for greenfield or brownfield and can address dehydration capacity and/or efficiency bottlenecks in existing production facilities.

This new project builds on a longstanding partnership between Sulzer and Exxon Mobil. Exxon Mobil developed the Cmist technology for gas dehydration, with the assistance of Sulzer, and subsequently offered Sulzer an exclusive license for the design and supply of Cmist units for onshore and offshore gas dehydration applications.

Ken Dowd, Technology Development Manager at Exxon Mobil, comments: “This project will leverage the combined expertise of Sulzer and Exxon Mobil in delivering cutting-edge process technologies for gas treating. We have collaborated with Sulzer’s specialised teams on this technology from the development phase and now look forward to deploying the first industrial-scale Cmist field-based unit.”

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Danny Thierens, Head of Sales & Market Development – Upstream Systems at Sulzer, concludes: “We look forward to completing the installation of the first industrial scale Cmist gas dehydration system in close cooperation with our partner Exxon Mobil. This innovative plant will demonstrate the benefits of the system to the upstream oil and gas market and will strengthen the confidence of customers that are considering the deployment of this technology, on the basis of the numerous design concepts that Sulzer has helped to develop since the licensing agreement came into effect.”

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