Scroll Pumps Extremely Quiet, Dry Pumps

Editor: Ahlam Rais

The Hi Scroll models from Pfeiffer Vacuum’s new range of scroll pumps are oil-free, hermetically sealed vacuum pumps with high nominal pumping speeds of 6 to 20 m³/h.

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Pfeiffer Vacuum scroll pumps from the Hi Scroll range.
Pfeiffer Vacuum scroll pumps from the Hi Scroll range.
(Source: Pfeiffer Vacuum)

The new pumps are characterised by their compact design and quiet, low-vibration operation (<47 dB[A], and <42 dB[A] in stand-by mode), states the company. It offers excellent water vapour tolerance thanks to the two stage gas ballast. As a result condensation in the vacuum pump is avoided. With these features, the pumps are ideal for use in many applications in analytics, biomedicine, pharmaceuticals and research and development, adds the firm. They are used in mass spectrometry, electron microscopy, surface analysis, accelerators and laboratory applications, but also in the semiconductor industry, coating processes and gas recovery.

The new pumps’ active temperature control ensures optimal cooling and guarantees the lowest noise level. The firm states that it is proud of the fact that its new scroll pumps have the lowest noise emissions in its class. These dry pumps can also be easily connected to other Pfeiffer Vacuum products, such as turbopumps, or operated by higher-level controls via the RS-485 or ProfiNet interface. The company drives sustainable solutions and helps to reduce the environmental impact and carbon footprint with its new engine concept.

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An intelligent interface makes it possible to define specific pressure ranges or a rotation speed setting mode, so that the pump can be optimally adapted to suit the application. This minimises wear in the pump resulting in longer to service time intervals. The proven quality of the company’s products with first-class, durable components also ensures a long service life as well as lower operating costs, mentions the firm. The pumps are easy to maintain, which not only reduces the time to service but also ensures the highest level of reliability. The integrated safety valve and the self-regulating operation of the pump guarantee safe and reliable use, claims the company.

The powerful motor is up to 15 % more efficient than conventional drives. This ensures outstanding performance while keeping temperatures low, which in turn simplifies the cooling of systems and plants, concludes the firm.