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Explosion Protection Explosion Protection in Asia: Safety Can be a Matter of Mindset

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Sensitizing the Asian market in safety matters — Better safe than sorry: Asia is the undisputed powerhouse of the global process industries. Its products and newly constructed world-scale chemical parks are more than a match for the international competition. But what about the safety issues? In fact, most companies’ need for services and maintenance works are growing at a stretch and are thus in need of a little help — and encouragement — in that very field, as experts say...

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(Source: Rico; ©Manuel Schäfer, © -; [M] GötzelHorn)

Regular checks are imperative in order to ensure that explosion protection products function smoothly and without interruptions. There is no doubt that the maintenance of safety-relevant components in plants is highly important for the protection of employees and products. Errors due to insufficient maintenance work can, in case of emergency, cause huge economic damages and endanger the integrity of staff and equipment. The manufacturers and distributors of explosion protection products are aware of this responsibility — in domestic markets as well as abroad.

“It is generally important that the valves are maintained regularly — whether it's in Asia or any other part of the world”, explains Aleksandar Agatonovic deputy CEO of Rico, addressing the situation that the Swiss explosion protection specialists face concerning their product range of safety valves. “The need for services and maintenance works has grown correspondently.