Germany: Debottlenecking Evonik Increases Capacities for Transparent Polymers

Editor: Alexander Stark

Evonik plans to expand its production capacities for transparent polyamides of the Trogamid CX brand at the Marl Chemical Park. The company announced that the reason for this was the growing global demand for high-performance polymers.

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Evonik plans the expansion of their production capacities for transparent polyamides in Marl. (symbolic image)
Evonik plans the expansion of their production capacities for transparent polyamides in Marl. (symbolic image)
(Source: Karsten Bootmann/Evonik)

Essen/Germany — Evonik has been observing high demand, especially in the consumer goods segment, for specialized material solutions that combine highest transparency, quality, and design freedom with the best processing characteristics. Additional production capacity in Marl is now planned to meet this demand.

Production expansion is scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2020. The project will double the specialty chemicals company’s capacity for its transparent, high-performance materials. The company will be expanding its production in part through targeted debottlenecking efforts, in part through comprehensive optimization initiatives undertaken by production management. The plans for the project are complete and implementation has already begun.

The transparent polyamide Trogamid CX manufactured in Marl has been used for years in the sports, leisure and automotive industries, the cosmetics industry, medical technology and optics. As a lens material for sports and ski goggles, for example, the high-performance polymer ensures clear vision, high UV protection, high mechanical strength and resistance to chemical substances such as those used in skin creams and hair varnishes. Due to its high transparency and scratch resistance, automotive manufacturers use the product as a decorative material for interior applications.

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