IIoT/Pumps Enter the Age of the Internet of Things

Editor: Meike Herkersdorf

Taking existing process equipment into the industry-4.0-age: The new pump monitoring system called KSB Guard provides networked vibration and temperature sensors fitted directly to the pump to make availability at plant level transparent.

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(Bild: KSB)

The system ensures that changes in the operating behaviour of the machine are detected at an early stage, and maintenance work can be better planned, without having to be on site with the pump. It builds on the technologies already employed in earlier monitoring and analysis units. Unlike previous systems, KSB Guard is ideally suited for retrofitting. The sensor unit is attached to the bearing bracket or the drive lantern of the pump using a magnet and adhesive, and can be mounted during operation, with no need for changes to the machine.

A battery unit, which is also supplied, provides self-sufficient power supply. The data, which is captured hourly, is transferred directly and wirelessly in encrypted form to the KSB Cloud via a gateway for processing. The associated app or the web portal enables the user to view the current load condition and the load profile of their fixed speed pumps..

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