Pumps Energy Efficient High Shear Pumps Reduce Mixing Times

Editor: Ahlam Rais

Packo Pumps in Belgium and Daniatech in Denmark have bundled their expertise in pump manufacturing and mixing and have set a new standard in high-shear pumps. The patented rotor-stator design was optimized with CFD and gives the pump an unrivalled efficiency.

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CFD scheme of the shear strain rate of Packo's high-shear pumps
CFD scheme of the shear strain rate of Packo's high-shear pumps
(Source: Packo Pumps)

The energy consumption of the pump is 40 % to 50 % lower compared to high-shear pumps of other premium brands, Packo Pumps says. According to the company, this high efficiency does not only result in a lower energy bill for every hour the pump is in operation, but also reduces the initial investment. The high-shear pump can be fitted with a smaller motor and the possible frequency convertor is also smaller and cheaper. The optimized flow through the rotor-stator also results in a very quiet operation.

The high-shear pumps are based on the well-established Packo FP pumps and they share consequently all their valued unique advantages. All the options of the FP pumps are also available on the high-shear pumps and they have almost all spares in common (motors and seals are normalized). The high-shear pumps (SFP) are plug-and-play mixing units that combine the mixing and pumping function in one machine, hence saving maintenance and floor space. They have pumping capacities up to 200 m³/h and up to 80 m differential pressure.

These features, together with the hygienic design, make the Packo high-shear pumps the favorite in dairy, ice cream, prepared food, beverage, bakery, marmalade and similar industries. Static mixers, dynamic mixers and agitators can give satisfactory results for simple duties such as blending liquids of similar viscosity and density. However, the high-shear pumps can reduce mixing times up to 95 % in processes where stable emulsions are needed, particle size has to be reduced or texture agents have to be activated.

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