Slurries Enclosed Slurry Preparation for High Potent Slurries

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Given the trend for ever increasing potency of pharmaceutical powders, project engineers are continually faced with the challenge of upgrading the containment of their charging process to a new or existing reactor.

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PSL's SlurryBox for dispensing, weighing, vessel charging and catalyst recovery
PSL's SlurryBox for dispensing, weighing, vessel charging and catalyst recovery
(Picture: PSL)

PSL recently enhanced their Slurry Box to enable the charging of highly potent slurry through pressured vessels. The Slurry Box can be used as a central dispensing and weighing station for numerous reactors within the manufacturing site. The vessels are specifically built for high potent process with CIP spray ring to clean each nozzle and minimum product retention design. The powder is charged safely into the vessel from the Slurry Box, and then liquid is brought in through nozzles to create the slurry.

This method presents less risk of contamination with high potent powder as the product is moved within the site in a liquid state. Finally, the slurry is directly transferred from the vessel into the reactor under pressure for a better flow control. This also avoids using valves which involve a more complexes cleaning procedure. This setup allows the recovery of catalysts and carbon from the bag filter in a contained environment.

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