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DÜPERTHAL Sicherheitstechnik GmbH & Co. KG
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DÜPERTHAL - certified system solutions for storing hazardous substances safely

DÜPERTHAL offers system solutions for the process-optimized storage of chemicals and dangerous goods for research, development and production. Our aim is always to meet your individual requirements with tailor-made solutions.

That's why you not only get excellent, certified products, but also our excellent full-service.

Your technical Plus

  • Safety cabinets and ancillary products for every application
  • More work safety and environmental protection through maximum fire protection
  • Maximum comfort during use and operation

Your financial Plus

  • Optimization of processes and workflows
  • Continuous value
  • Excellent service throughout the process

Services throughout the process

One of our central positioning features is the deep understanding of our customers' processes. For more than 40 years, we have stood by you as an active companion and consultant: from the analysis of the individual requirements, to the planning and implementation of the optimal solution up to the permanent maintenance.

Innovative products for every occasion

Our product portfolio for the storage, use and disposal of chemicals and dangerous substances is as diverse as the requirements for their handling. In addition to high-quality, certified safety cabinets, we offer a variety of equipment variants and accompanying products for every individual need.

Continuous development for your safety

We do not rest on our good reputation. Because we are aware that your work is getting more and more complex. That is why your demands on our safety solutions are increasing. In order to meet these requirements, we are steadily pushing ahead with the further development of our products. We invest time, money and especially one thing: passion.

Did you know, that...
» The name DUEPERTHAL stands for full service?
» DÜPERTHAL sells more than just products?
» With the internet-capable Cabi2Net smart technology you can reach out the working world?
» The system solutions from DÜPERTHAL are more than just cabinets?
» Do you profit economically and technically with the various solutions?
The detailed answers to this question and further useful information can be found on the following pages - compact, practical and forward-looking!

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