Dryers Drying without Unnecessary Heat Stress for the Product

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Low temperature drying combines seemingly conflicting features such as low temperatures and short drying times while saving energy for the operator.

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(Source: Harter)

Harter's Airgenex condensation drying systems and their variants Airgenexmed and Airgenexfood are capable of drying products made from plastic, glass or metal as well as food at temperatures of 20° C to 90° C.

The use of extremely dry air combined with customised forced air routeing enables very short drying times and excellent drying results to be achieved while the integrated heat pump provides highest efficiency. Drying is always accomplished in a closed system, fully independent of the climate. Clean air environments are not affected. Dryers may have an additional cooling provision integrated if desired or required by the process. Airgenexmed drying systems meet GMP and GAMP requirements.

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