China: VPISM Forum Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry Discusses Smart Manufacturing

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

On November 14, 2019, the Vogel Pharmaceutical Industry Smart Manufacturing Forum (VPISM Forum) was successfully concluded in Changzhou, China. This year's conference had the motto "Pharmaceutical Enterprises Heading towards smart Manufacturing" and was supported by Schneider Electric and Fette.

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The Vogel Pharmaceutical Industry Smart Manufacturing Forum (VPISM Forum) took place in in Changzhou city.
The Vogel Pharmaceutical Industry Smart Manufacturing Forum (VPISM Forum) took place in in Changzhou city.
(Source: Beijing Jigong Vogel Media Advertising)

Würzburg/Germany; Jiangsu/China — The Vogel Pharmaceutical Industry Smart Manufacturing Forum invited experts in the pharmaceutical industry, representatives of pharmaceutical equipment companies and consulting companies to discuss in depth how to achieve and accelerate the digital process of pharmaceutical manufacturing, aiming to lead the transformation and upgrading of pharmaceutical companies to meet the development trend of future smart manufacturing.

At the beginning of the conference, Jenny Yang, project manager of PharmaTEC China welcomed the participants of the conference and thanked the co-organizer Changzhou Siyao Pharmaceuticals for its support. Jenny Yang said that the pharmaceutical industry is currently undergoing a major change. Pharmaceutical manufacturing is steadily moving towards digitalization, but also faces many problems and challenges in the process of implementing technology. She sincerely hopes that this conference will bring new inspiration and insights to everyone, and bring new ideas to pharmaceutical companies towards smart manufacturing.

During the conference, eight speakers focused on the topics "Digitalization of Pharmaceutical Companies in the Digital Economy", "Pharmaceutical Industry 4.0: Continuous Manufacturing-the Trend of Solid Dose Manufacturing", “Sharing of Chinese Medicine Crushing and Solid Dose Smart & Green Manufacturing Equipment Technology”, “Top-level Design and Implementation of Smart Manufacturing of Biopharmaceuticals”, "Producing Talking Products by Smart Manufacturing", "Pharmaceutical Industry MES Solutions of Rockwell Automation", "Sharing of Informatization and intelligent solutions and experience for pharmaceutical companies under supervision", "Exploration and Practice of Smart Manufacturing in Soft Bag Projects", discussing the purpose of smart manufacturing in the pharmaceutical industry and the core technologies for achieving smart manufacturing.


Eight speakers were separately the expert in pharmaceutical industry, the managing partner of Tenthpin Management Consultants (Shanghai) and representatives of pharmaceutical equipment companies from Fette Compacting (China), Beijing Goldenteam Technology, Schneider Electric (China), Pharm-Tech (Tianjin), Rockwell Automation (China), Hitachi Solutions (China).

The next day, some of the participants of this conference visited the factory of Changzhou Siyao Pharmaceuticals and experienced the ubiquitous quality culture of Changzhou Siyao.